One who eats halal does not become rebellious

According to our religion, Islam, the concepts ‘halal’ and ‘haram’ solely and exclusively belongs to our Lord, Allah (swt), and they are clearly expressed in our Holy Book, the Qur’an, leaving no need for the comment of any human. For the parts we may not understand, our Lord has sent our Master, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), to interpret them; and he has explained those parts in detail. Moreover, Allah taught us all the fundamentals, manners and concepts of our religion by sending the madhhab imams and scholars of Islam who have…

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Achieving and safeguarding sincerity

Meditation on death: an effective means of achieving and safeguarding sincerity Today we will read a part from the Epistle on Sincerity [from Risale-i Nur], which our Ustaz [Bediuzzaman Said Nursi] put a warning before it which says “this epistle must be read at least once in fifteen days.” I will not talk about what is sincerity, what are its principles, or the obstacles that violate the sincerity. I will talk about one of the most effective means of achieving sincerity: the meditation on death. Before reading that part, however,…

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