Keeping one’s promise

Many verses of the Qur’an lay emphasis on keeping your promises, fulfilling your oaths and sticking to the agreements you make.1 Just like in every matter of good morals, the best example is the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Our Prophet, who said “the command ‘remain on a right course as you have been commanded’ 2 made me grow old,” enlightens us on this matter. This is because ‘a servant’ who is attentive to the promise he made to Allah will of course keep his promise he made to people too. In…

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Way to escape mischief

Our noble Prophet (alayhissalatu wassalam) said “My ummah is a blessed community. Whether its beginning or its end is better is unknown.” (Tirmidhi) Those who interpreted this hadith highlighted that there is a similarity between the beginning and the end of the ummah. We know for certain that the beginning of the Muslim community, the Sahaba (the Companions) and the Tabeen (the Followers), are blessed. The hadith gives the good news that the end is going to be blessed too. As a matter of fact when we evaluate the first…

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Bismillah is the beginning of all goodness, the symbol of Islam, the invocation of every single thing in existence; the power of the powerless, mercy of the poor, strength of the weak; the key to the truths of life which is full of mysterious, formidable secrets. Despite the powerlessness, poverty and shortcoming that trouble the human being, Bismillah is the elixir that makes him the vicegerent of the earth. It is the light which turns the fire into a rose garden, the staff into a dragon, the light which subjugates the…

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