Sunnahs of Eid al Adha

Below are the sunnah (and ibadah as well) during the Eid al Adha. Performing them makes you feel better and brings you many benefits in hereafter for sure.

• Reciting tashrik takbir (see what is tashrik takbir and when to start it)

• Waking up early

• Having ghusl

• Using miswaq

• Wearing perfume

• Wearing ring

• Going to Eid Salah on foot

• Use two separate route to and from the masjid

• Revealing your love and compassion

• Smiling (not to mourn)

• Visiting relatives

• Visiting olds

• Visiting graveyard for remembering death

• Rejoicing the children

• Eliminating resentments

• Empowering fraternity

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  1. Yaqub Suleiman

    MashaAllah! May Allah make it easy for us. amin thumma amin.

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