Frugality is gratitude

Allah, our Compassionate Creator, wishes for gratitude in return for the blessings that He has given to us. And “frugality” carries the meaning of gratitude for the Divine mercy contained in His blessings. Wastefulness, however, is irreconcilable with gratitude. A lot of wisdom exist in being frugal. Frugality is a means of abundance (barakah). Frugality is like a diet, a cause of bodily health. Wastefulness, on the other hand, has a detrimental effect on health. The sense of taste in the mouth is like a doorkeeper, and the stomach is…

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Frugality and extravagance: an Islamic perspective

Marifatul Haq Yasini The current economic world order has brought a degree of prosperity for some segments of the society in different parts of the globe. However, the damaging consequences of this order prevail over its productivity. It has produced a society, which believes and practices a wasteful and extravagant life-style rather than a moderate and frugal life that is desired by our Creator from us. Living an extravagant life is contrary to the basic principles of Islam. In fact, it means showing ungratefulness to Allah (swt) for the bounties…

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