Amirs of the People of Paradise: Huffaz of the Qur’an

Huffaz* are the beloveds of our Prophet who praised them many times. Huffaz are the servants of the Qur’an and the actual manifestations of the kalām (word) of Allah Subhanahu wa Taʿala. They are the carriers of the ‘nur’ dating back from the Age of Bliss to the End of Time; because they work for Kalāmullah (the Word of Allah) day and night. They spend their time for the sake of Allah (swt). They are the friends of the Qur’an, hafiz of the Words of Allah (swt). The Qur’an, as…

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Al Hafiz – The Protector

Al-Hafiz (الحفيظ) is one of the names of Allah (swt). It comes from the verb ‘hifz – to preserve’ and literally means ‘to preserve, to guard and to protect’. In the ayah, it is said: “…Lo! my Lord is Guardian (Hafiz) over all things.” (Hud, 11:57) There are so many manifestations of the name ‘Hafiz’ in the universe that a person looking out from the window of reflection (tafakkur) can easily see the manifestations of this name of Allah’s on any living or non-living thing. As a person observes the…

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