To Be Like Him (Blessings and Peace Be Upon Him)

Arif Emre GÜNDÜZ A bee begins to fly after a few minutes of its birth. Nobody teaches it how to make honey. It is sent to the world already knowing all what it will do. Similarly, many animals are also born knowing things that they will do all their lives; they don’t get any education. But humans are not like that. They start learning from birth. It takes them a year to learn to walk. They start to make simple sentences by combining just two words at two years of…

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Peace and Blessings be Upon Him

Sending Greetings to our Prophet Muhammad Narrated by Jabir (RA): ‘’Do not get me such as a water container, which a rider of an animal hangs behind of the animal. Because, the rider of the animal fills up his water container, loads his goods to the animal, then fastens the water container behind the saddle. When thirsty, he drinks water or when necessary he takes ablution, when he does not need water to drink or take ablution, he pours it away (do not remember me like this man remembers that…

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