The Pen 29th issue

Editor’s Letter: Finding pretexts for attacking the pious predecessors 


The philosophical core of the educational system must change Mustafa TOPOZ

The illnesses that blind you and their treatment Zafer ZENGIN

Knowledge and application of disciplining the lower self are totally different İdris TUZUN 

The real purpose of those who deny the School of Thoughts, interpreters and the Companions Ahmed Said GUNDUZ

Risale-i Nur through African eyes Metin UCAR – A. Furkan YESILOVA 

Way to escape mischief Ali SEMERCI 

How to protect women’s rights Zakir CETIN 

Lying is not among the necessities of family life Dr. Mirza INAK 

Why is family important? Süreyya SALTIK

The story of a traveller Haluk İsmail PUTKUL

Three advisements Ahmed Said GUNDUZ

Similar Needs for Different Market Perspectives Ehsan SAIRALLY

Al-Quds is ours Asst. Prof. Ahmet Hüsrev CELIK

After the month of Ramadan Zeynelabidin YILDIRIM

The art of paper and leather cutting: Qat‛ı Mustafa YILMAZ

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