The Pen 32nd issue

Editor’s letter: The language spoken in entire universe Yunus Emre Pehlivan

A painting cannot be without a painter Dr Ayhan Mirza İNAK

Reading the book of universe Kadir DARICIK

Benefits of belief in akhirah Hamza BERAT

Messengers necessarily required

How sincere are those saying “Qur’an is enough, no need for Sunnah”? İdris TÜZÜN

Can a Muslim be an evolutionist? Idris Tüzün

Why the people of faith defeated by the tricks of the Satan? Husrev HUNEVI

The light behind the dark Ahmed Husrev ACAR

The creation in death Muhammed Ali Uslu

Sincerity tips

Dua’s from the Prophet Muhammad (asw)

Science is a tool, not a purpose Abdurrahman ERDEM

Role model and ideal problem of young people Dr Kasım KARATAŞ

Prototype of an educator Necati İLMEN

Honest Detective

Understanding the calamities truly Dr Muhammed BOSTAN

What He has done? What He will do? Muhammed Nuri BOZUNOĞULLARI

How to secure eternal happiness? Yunus Emre PEHLİVAN

Occupation: Mother Nurettin TAŞAN

The spiritual diamond sword Zafer ZENGİN

Bukhurdan (Censer) Mustafa YILMAZ

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